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What is

It is a solution for managing projects using the PM Canvas methodology, which may be used in both distributed and centralized environments that require scalability and flexibility , all in a cloud solution , avoiding large investments.


Extracts proposals that meet and leverage the main desired goals , before leaving in effect for the formatting of the product or service


Helps people to better know the company/project and its objectives and causes the people involved to walk in the same direction


As enables discussion, creating a common understanding among stakeholders and generating indicators for strategic innovation


It is ideal for environments that want to improve their planning capacity but which are characterized by innovation, dynamic business, many projects in parallel and in which rigid and plastered solutions do not apply.


Simple listing, with many features for managing



See all areas of your project on single canvas and your way



Add new projects quickly and easily for your team


Testimonials of who uses Project Canvas APP , now is no more mystery. Experiences are shared for those who want to innovate.

"Application Extremely Useful, simple and intuitive. I recommend."

Vinicius B.

"Excellent tool. Very practical and simple. True to one of the proposals PM Canvas which is to simplify the steps of Project Management..."

Danilo C. T.

"Easy to learn, very good!..."

Fabiana R. C.

"Very good platform , will always use it. Congratz."


"Very good and simple, congratulations to all"

Gabriel R. P.

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