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What Is

An online solution for project management and organization of your business plan using the Canvas method, allowing for use in distributed or centralized environments, requiring agility and flexibility.
The available modules are:

Creating a Project Template

Manage your projects with Project Model Canvas method in a simple and agile visual way.

Business Model Creation

It allows the creation of Business Model Canvas allowing the validation of your business.

Activity Management

It allows you to manage the activities of your project in an organized and simple way using the Kanban method.

Hours per Activity Control

Have a quick view of the hours spent on your project, improving on the decision-making.

Team Sharing

Share with others, work in teams, and be anywhere.

Project Metrics

Visualize the results of your projects to make the best decisions in the day-by-day.

Custom Print

Have personalized reports on hand, which brings value activation into every meeting.

View Offline Data

With your smartphone you have information on your projects even without internet.


It is ideal for environments that want to improve their planning capacity but which are characterized by innovation, dynamic business, many projects in parallel and in which rigid and plastered solutions do not apply.


Testimonials of who uses Project Canvas APP , now is no more mystery. Experiences are shared for those who want to innovate.

"Application Extremely Useful, simple and intuitive. I recommend."

Vinicius B.

"Excellent tool. Very practical and simple. True to one of the proposals PM Canvas which is to simplify the steps of Project Management..."

Danilo C. T.

"Easy to learn, very good!..."

Fabiana R. C.

"Very good platform , will always use it. Congratz."


"Very good and simple, congratulations to all"

Gabriel R. P.


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